Rohan Roberts

I am a Financial Educator at Saint Thomas Advisors LLC currently living in Florida. My interests range from finance to technology. I use my knowledge and experience I gain over the years to help others reach their goals. My goal is to show everyone that they don't need to be a pro to invest. You can sign up above to get started. If you’d like to get in touch with me and get to know my strategy before getting started, use the Contact Us icon 📩 on the right.


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I always wanted to invest but did not have the time to sit and understand what to purchase or when to sell. I am always on the road since I work for a conglomorate. Rohan help me doing exactly that, now I can sit back and relax while my portfolio grow!

Fabian M

Saint Thomas advisor is the start to your future investments, they guide you through the steps of making your life better and easier. Mr Roberts is an exceptional advisor he make sure I know all the risk and benefits of all the available stocks in my budget and never leave out out of any updated news

Georgene A

If you are nervous or don’t trust stock advisor I recommend you trust Saint Thomas Advisors and Mr. Roberts, o felt assured and involved with all stock tradings and information. I didn’t know anything about stocks until I met with Saint Thomas Advisor for a small fee monthly doesn’t hurt comparing to the turn around you get from the stock advise you get from this company.

Thomas B