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Everyone has savings goals, and there are countless places to put your money to help you meet those objectives. You may be a young person looking to invest and grow your money over the long term. You may be close to retirement age and looking to preserve your nest egg. Or maybe you’re looking for ways to boost your income in the here-and-now.

No matter the objective, there’s an investment for you. What are the best spots for your cash in 2019? Here’s a rundown of the potential options based on your goals.

When it's time for you to retire, will you be able to afford it? Almost all of the research conducted on the subject over the last few years shows that most individuals are unable to demonstrate financial readiness for their retirement years. This only serves to underline...
There’s a lot to feel good about given the current economy. The past decade has been great for investors, for example, and we’re living in a golden age for job seekers. But almost three in four economists predict there will be a recession...
So you want to make more money but you don’t have time to take on another job. There’s a solution: it’s called passive income, and we have 7 great ideas on how you can get started on growing your fortune in 2019.
Investing is risky. It comes with few guarantees. The only investing guarantee I can offer is this: everything held equal, the less you pay in fees, the better your returns. Fees don’t have to stop you from making wise and lucrative investments. Thankfully,...
Financial Health It's easier to respond and adapt to an emergency when you're prepared. For starters, take a look at your financial health. Pay attention to your income, savings, investments, net worth, and debt. If you're like most people, you have room for improvement when it comes to your financial...
Back in June of 2012, a small start-up company by the name of Coinbase had raised slightly over $160,000 in funding with the intention of making it easy for non-technical people to use Bitcoin.  At the time, the founder of the company, Brian Armstrong decided to...

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